Bright Day Graphene

Green Premium Graphene

High performing materials with no negative impact on our earth.

Because we want our beautiful planet to continue to be a place where humankind lives well.

 We want to show the world that it is possible to have high performance, efficiency, reasonable price AND sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Bright Day Graphene AB

Bright Day Graphene AB was founded in august of 2017 (under the name of Bright Day Prototypes AB) and is a subsidiary to Bright Day Inventions AB. Behind both companies are Anna Carlsson and Malin Alpsten.

We are convinced that it is possible to have financial growth, efficiency, good quality of life AND sustainable solutions. We believe that new technology is where the answer to sustainable growth and wealth is. These beliefs are the foundation that our business rests upon.
We strive to offer great preforming materials with no negative impact on our earth. We are convinced that material performance and efficiency walk hand in hand with sustainability and eco friendliness. We always work with the goals of Agenda 2030 in mind.

Our material is a reduced graphene oxide and we have patented the process. The patent is granted in the U.S., Canadian, Chinese, Japanese and Indian market and is still pending in Europe, South Korea and Brazil.

Interested in our green graphene?

At the moment we have a Pilot Project running which means we have a smaller production ongoing. The first samples are already booked, but we will be able to produce more when we start our Industrial Pilot Project in 2024. Sign up to buy samples here!