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New project with IKEA, Avantium and Linnaeus University

Bright Day Graphene starts a new collaborative project with IKEA, Avantium and Linnaeus University. The project aims to extend graphene utilization in the wood industry by developing and testing 100% renewable bio-based adhesives for wood composite panel manufacturing to replace fossil-based carcinogenic formaldehyde adhesives that are commonly used today. 

We are very proud to be a part of this project, that have recieved funding from SIO Grafen, a collaboration between Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Read more about the project here:


Batteries from trees

There is a lot going on in our world and many are chasing the technologies that will help us live in harmony with our planet.

BBC has written an article called "The promise of batteries that come from trees". The article discusses the rising need for high performing, sustainable batteries and says that "In 2015, a few hundred additional gigawatt hours (GWh) were required every year across the world's battery stocks – but this will rocket to few thousand additional GWh required annually by 2030 as the world moves away from fossil fuels... The problem is that the lithium ion batteries we rely on today largely depend on environmentally damaging industrial processes and mining. Plus, some of the materials for these batteries are toxic and difficult to recycle. Many are also sourced in countries with poor human rights records." They then discuss some intitiatives made in this market to make it more sustainable and Bright Day Graphene is one of the companies mentioned.

You can read the full article here:


Papermakers Night! Bright Day Graphene visiting Karlstad




This week we took part in Papermakers Night, an evening filled with inspiring speeches, mingling and entertainment. Papermakers Night is an industry meeting, and the evening involves the entire forest industry value chain and is created by Paper Provance.

 During this day we were also proud to be invited to the inauguration of Lixea's new facility at LignoCity.


Bright Day Graphene and Ligna Energy!





We are very happy to have found a like-minded collaboration partner, Ligna Energy! Together we will work towards creating a more sustainable energy society.

Check out their interview with our CEO and co-founder Malin Alpsten!



New Article in Graphene Flagship




As the latest associated member of Graphene flagship, we are really excited to be featured in an article on their website. The article talks about our mission to offer high performing materials without harmful environmental impacts.

Go an check it out here! --> Bright Day manufactures sustainable graphene from biomass


Bright Day Graphene in brand-new EU Initiative for Deep-Tech startups


For the very first time the European Innovation Council has announced the results of the call – Women TechEU pilot program – A new initiative to support deep-tech start-ups led by women. Deep tech innovations are a very important part of Europe's start-up ecosystem. However, women remain largely underrepresented in deep tech. To address the innovation gender gap, the EU commision are selecting 50 promising startups to boost deep-tech innovation in Europe. The selected companies are offered a grant worth €75,000 each, to support the initial steps in the innovation process.

Bright Day Graphene are proposed for the support because of our work of developing graphene from renewable sources with the goal of creating more sustainable and efficient energy storage.