Bright Day Graphene

Why Graphene?

Graphene is the super-material of the future. With its outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity, it has the potential to revolutionize the material market.

Our goal is to contribute to the market with a material that can be produced in large volumes to a reasonable cost, but with such excellent properties and quality that more solutions can find their way to the market.

The benefits of Graphene are many; it is super strong, flexible, transparent, and has the highest electrical conductivity in a material known today. In a perfect material the resistance is zero. It is also a 2D-material. It has only one layer of molecules. This makes it super thin, which gives you a lot of surface but very little volume. This characteristic is what makes graphene so interesting for applications within energy storage and electronic applications.

There is a lot of research going on in these areas right now, but there are not many solutions on the market. One reason for that is that many of the graphene providers today has a hard time to deliver high quality in large quantities. Want to know more? Take a look at the Graphene Flagship Homepage, they have a lot of interesting information.

This film is one example --> What is Graphene?

Bright Day Graphene
 Our part in creating a sustainable energy society

Our process of making graphene differs a lot from the rest of the graphene market. Instead of using toxic chemicals or minable resources like graphite, we use Lignin, a sustainable and renewable residual product from the paper industry.

Get a look into how our graphene is made and what it can be used for, in this short film below!

Graphene in

Traditional supercapacitors have an extremely low energy density compared to batteries, however using graphene as electrodes there are already supercapacitors on the market today that surpasses lead acid batteries as well as NiMH. And though they will not reach the energy capacity of Li-Ion batteries they do come in the vicinity.

Graphene in

In batteries the most known usage for graphene is as a conductive additive. Trials has showed that the capacity becomes 45 % higher and the charging time 5-8 times shorter with graphene enhanced batteries. Our green graphene has the properties needed for usage in batteries and can be produced in large volumes, thus being an enabler for graphene batteries to reach the market.

Material support and
heat conductivity

The industry is always looking for ways to make materials smarter and more functional. By adding graphene to different materials one can improve both thermal conductivity and strength without adding any weight. Add to that the possibility to add electrical conductivity to any light weight material and the possibilities are endless.

Interested in our green graphene?

At the moment we have a Pilot Project running which means we have a smaller production ongoing. The first samples are already booked, but we will be able to produce more when we start our Industrial Pilot Project in 2024. Sign up to buy samples here!