Tapping the electronic potential of graphene

We use a residual product from the forest industry and transform it into a high-quality graphene material, suitable for energy storage and other applications that benefits from the outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity of graphene.

Our goal is to enable a sustainable energy society.

Closing the cycle
– from nature to nature

We use a raw material that has a natural cycle and is in surplus. Our green graphene is climate neutral and 100 % toxic-free in all stages of its life-cycle; from production to disposal. Good for nature and good for our customers.

The ultimate properties for energy storage

Our graphene material combines a new form factor and the ability to produce in bulk. gives us a flexible material with excellent properties when it comes to thermal features, electrical conductivity and high specific surface area.

Enabling a sustainable energy society

The unique features of our graphene make new, efficient energy storage solutions possible. Solutions that are an important part of creating the future and that will play a decisive role in converting to a 100% fossil-free society.

Realizing the potential of graphene

There is a lack of high-performing graphene to a reasonable price on the market today. We are on a journey to provide mass produced premium graphene because we are convinced that this is what is needed to bring more high-tech graphene products to the market.

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