A Sustainable Company

Bright Day Graphene has an ambition to be different. We want to be value-driven and sustainable, but what does that really mean?

We had a vision about a company that works in another way than most companies today. We wanted to create a value-driven company where the revenue, crazy as it may seem, actually is secondary. The most important thing to us, is to make a difference in the world and a consequence of that, is that we make money.

Today, in most companies, it works quite the opposite way around. The most important thing is to make money and doing that affects the world in different ways. The problem is that many companies are unaware of their impact. This is now starting to change, but I think many companies will have a difficult process to go through. When they become aware of how they affect the world, it can be difficult to change, without losing earning capacity for a few years.

We wanted to start at the other end. The purpose of our company is to do good for the world. The more our product is used, the better it is for the world. And the more our product is used, the more money we make. In that way, we link our earning capacity to a positive impact on the earth. That is what is a sustainable company is to us. That is what we are.